The highlightSeries plugin for Flot


The highlightSeries plugin for Flot allows you to highlight whole series on a plot. This can happen automatically, via the autoHighlight setting, or manually, via the highlightSeries and unHighlightSeries methods. The plugin is up to 3 times faster than manually changing the color of a series and redrawing the entire plot. It also has the added benefit of highlighting the series in an overlay which gives the appearance of having moved the series to the foreground and practically elminiates the time needed to clear the highlight.
highlighSeries is on GitHub!


The highlightSeries plugin is compatible with Flot 0.7 and requires that you patch the Flot source code since it uses a slightly modified version of an internal function. See the patch file. Once the patch is applied, you simply need to include jquery.flot.highlightSeries.js in a script tag. View the source of this page for further details.


Hover over the labels in the plot's legend to highlight the corresponding series or enable the "plot" highlighting mode to highlight series as you hover over the plot.

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